Gone Forever

Песня из альбома “Ближе нельзя” (2013)

Just tell me who you are,                                                                              
And I'll tell you who I am.
When everything around
Is just a play-pretend

I'm gonna die today
With no glance at the screen,
Where this movie will keep playing
From beginning till the end
I'm spinning around
Have we lost each other? 
'Сouse something is hurting inside...
We’re gonna be rivals,
No chance for survival.
Repeat it for one thousand times...


No pain, no illusion, no joy, just my weakness,
The world inside me turned from sunshine to bleakness.
Just me and my shadow are chained here together,
So I’m gone forever

No breath left in me, just an asphyxiation...
So what? This is life: no more rules, no salvation.
Nobody’s a winner we’ve lost all together
So I’m gone forever

Now tell me who you've been?
Have I been at least once
Something more than just your doubt
About a couple of thoughts?
So when did you decide,
To be markedly polite
Would be easier for you
Than simply pushing me aside
We're ready for battle,
When nothing won’t matter
This time I am saying goodbye...

I'll close it and hide it.
But what else could I do?
Repeat it for one thousand times!